Running Mechanics/Technique Workshop

Running Mechanics/Technique Workshop

This is a 2-hour practical session for ALL abilities

Increasing the amount of running that you do doesn’t always result in increased performance! Indeed if you are running inefficiently you are likely to increase your risk of injury and suffer from other stress related symptoms. This workshop encourages runners to take ‘time out’ from the stress of the stopwatch and think about their own running mechanics and technique. Runners are encouraged to focus on their posture and will gain greater awareness of their own body, their unique habits, and areas where they can make performance gains. The objective is to improve every runners running efficiency as well as providing recommendations of how and when to incorporate these fundamental movement drills and strengthening exercises into their training routine.

Part One

  • Correct running mechanics explained
  • Improved posture & body awareness
  • Improved acceleration & foot recovery
  • Improvement in running efficiency & economy
  • Good technique equates to greater improvement in ALL events

Part Two

  • Functional body-weight strength & conditioning exercises. Ab-ball & the plank are not specific to running therefore specific exercises should be mastered by all runners before these gym based exercises.

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